Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild Wind

A month has passed since my last blog entry. I’ve been busy. After the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival, I scrambled to prepare for my workshops at the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. That trip – which was great! – has come and gone. I will be writing more later about the Rhinebeck trip, but today I’m posting about the weather…

The upper midwest has been beset by crazy wind. Wild wind. Ill wind. Here, in Benzie County, Michigan, the wind and rain started about mid-day yesterday. Averaging about 30 – 40 mph, there are gusts up to 60 or so mph. I’m not surprised by the strength of the wind, but by its persistence. It was windy all last night. My dog, Toby, did not sleep well. It was windy this morning.

I walked Toby early this morning, as usual. What was not usual, however, was a new dog on the road. I knew my neighbors had a dog because I have heard it barking. It has a fearsome bark. The young son (maybe 8 years old?) was walking the dog on a leash. Toby, too, was on a leash. They were approaching Toby and me. Let me emphasize that Toby is a sweet dog who gets along well with almost all dogs. As we got closer, I asked, “Is your dog friendly?” Before the youngster could answer, his dog pulled the leash out of his hand. The dog barrelled toward Toby and managed to get in several severe bites before I could step on his leash to stop him.

I quickly took Toby home, examined the wounds, and called the vet’s office. We made the trip to the clinic. Toby’s wounds were treated. For the next two weeks I need to apply Betadine and give her antibiotics to prevent infection. Toby is not happy.

I stopped by the neighbor’s house on the way home from the vet. She was most apologetic, insisted the dog would be better regulated, and paid my vet bill. All is good.

I think the wind is in part responsible.

I don’t want to show you pictures of Toby in her current condition, but here’s a picture that was taken of her about six years ago. Isn’t she the cutest dog ever?

It is still windy. I’m staying indoors.