Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Boot Sock Knitter

Pat Petrovich took my boot sock class at Interquilten last month. Prior to that, she’d started, but never finished, several socks. She completed her first sock during the class. And yesterday, she emailed me a picture of her completed PAIR of socks. Brava to Pat!

Here is “Pat’s Purple Pair”:

She’s now in the process of making another pair…and another. And then some mittens. I’m so happy to have helped Pat on her way to becoming an inveterate sock knitter! You can hear more directly from Pat at her blog.

This month, I’m teaching “Learn to Knit” at Interquilten. Three sessions, on three consecutive Mondays at 6pm, starting on February 14. What better way to spend Valentine’s day! Contact Tawni if you are interested in the class: , or call 231-276-9100.

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  1. Hi Amy! I just found your blog via Spin List and have been enjoying reading thru it...both fun and inspiring ;) I am in lower Michigan.

    I should be doing housework but instead am reading blogs and knitting my own pair of socks (from my own handspun!)