Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nexus 3: Right Side Up?

There are many ways to take bits of fiber of many solid colors and blend them into one yarn. Taking such bits is also a nice way to make multiple different yarns that go together. Such approaches are a good part of my upcoming workshop, “Spin-Knit Nexus” at the Midwest Weavers Conference.

I wrote an article about one such approach for Spin-Off a few years ago, “Blending Colors at the Wheel”. You can download the article for free from their Spinning Daily website. Click here.

In the article, I described various ways of pre-drafting and then spinning bits of different rovings or tops to get a variety of blended effects. Here’s a picture of some samples:

I then used this blending technique to create yarns for a sweater that I’ve named “Right Side Up?”. I made three yarns: one all white, one all purple, and one that was a blend of the white and purple. The yarns:

And here’s a picture of my friend Sylvia VM wearing the sweater:

And here’s a picture of the back of the sweater:

The reason the sweater is named “Right Side Up?” is that Sylvia took the sweater, turned it up-side-down, and put it on again. And it worked!!!! Here she is wearing the sweater up-side-down:

I do have plans to write up this pattern, but I need to knit it once more in a different size to make sure it works. A near-future project.

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