Monday, October 10, 2011

Here, Then There

My move took longer that I’d planned. Isn’t that always the way! I did get some wonderful help from a number of folks: help with lifting, lugging, and storing things that won’t fit in my new location. Thanks so to: Judy, Molly, Dick, Jill, Joe, and especially to Becky!!

My biggest consolation for having to drive carload after carload is that this is a most beautiful time of year. I got to watch the colors come alive along Reynolds Road. Spectacular!

I am quickly falling in love with the village of Lake Ann. My dog and I are getting to know the best walks. The closest walk is up an old country road with the quaintest farm, not more than ¼ mile from my front door. Here are a few pics:

Now it’s time to hit the road again. I’m headed to Rhinebeck for the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival.
I teach Thursday through Sunday. After that, I drive to North Carolina for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Fletcher (just south of Ashville). I’m teaching three days there. All in all, I’m teaching 10 workshops with only 1 repeated. My car will be FULL!

But I get to see autumn colors all the way. Nice!

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  1. Amy, I recognize the scenery! Our mutual friend, Mary, hadn't heard from you and didn't have a phone number, so...we missed inviting you to join us during our retreat. Good wishes to you on your travels to Rhinebeck and NC.