Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Connecting With Knitters

 I spent last weekend at Knitters Connection  in Columbus, Ohio.  This is a knitting event that is organized by Jan Emerick of Knitters Mercantile, also in Columbus.  Jan and her crew were all delightful to work with, and they did a wonderful job of organizing.

There were three days of workshops, and 16 instructors.  I was the lone spinning instructor among the bunch.  (I felt so special!)  I got to teach “Beginning Spinning at the Wheel” on Friday, “Mechanics of Your Wheel” on Saturday, and “Creating the Yarn You Want” on Sunday.  There were several workshop participants who took two of the three classes, and one person even took all three!  I had so much fun.  All the students were fantastically engaged and enthusiastic.  It couldn’t have been a better teaching/learning experience!

I am happy to report that there was enough time for me to become acquainted – or re-acquainted – with many of the other instructors.  What struck me most about all the instructors is the diversity of their backgrounds.  I met folks who in pre-knitting-instructor-life were psycologists, interior designers, information technology specialists, art historians, orchestra musicians, and more!  Such wide ranging expertise makes for very interesting conversations!  And I got to chat about the trials and tribulations of pattern writing as well as the ins and outs of publishing in the knitting world.

I really don’t want to “drop names”, but I must mention that I shared a hotel room with Debra Lee.   She had worked in the IT world for many years before retiring and turning to fiber arts full time.  She is an active member of her local fiber guild, and we had a good long chat about a Design study group that she belongs to.  For me the take-home message was that cross-disciplinary art study can be quite inspirational.

There was also a Vendors Hall at Knitters Connection.  In the next blog entry, I will introduce you to one of the fiber artists from whom I purchased a goodly amount of fiber.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Amy!

    I took your all day classes Friday and Sunday and you were a patient, inspiring, informative teacher. I loved the time I spent with you and learned so much. Thanks for coming down to Ohio to teach us. I will definitely be taking more of your classes when I get the opportunity!

    Thanks again for your kindness,

    1. Hi Pamela, Thanks for the kind words! I really did have so much fun. I do hope to make it again to Ohio. And I do hope to see you there!