Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

I’d like to report that it’s sunny today.  But it’s not.  (I did see a tiny patch of blue at one point.)

However!  Just a few hours after I posted yesterday’s blog entry, I received a package in the mail.  It was from my brother, John.  And it was . . . A CAMERA!

He sent me one of his older digital SLR cameras.  I’ve wanted one ever since I stopped using my faithful old Pentax Spotmatic (manual SLR) a few years ago.  John had a spare sitting around, and so he sent it to me.  Thank you, John!!!!

This camera is a Pentax too.  An “ist DS”.  He also sent along a 18-55mm zoom lens, a couple of memory cards, and some batteries.

There are a few glitches that I need to work out:  I had to download an owners operating manual for the camera.  And I can’t seem to get the software for photo downloading to work.  Never the less, I am very excited about this new-to-me camera.  I hope it doesn’t take too terribly long to learn how to use it.

I can’t believe I get control over depth of field again!

Here’s a related, small-town story:  My brother sent the camera USPS, insured and needing receipt confirmation.  I signed all the little cards to prove that the package had arrived at its intended destination.  A few hours later, the Lake Ann postmistress, Amy Carmien, called me.  She is a friend of my roommate, Joanna.  Joanna had recently given Amy C my cell phone number when Amy lost power due to a winter storm.  Joanna had offered to let Amy come over to use the shower.

Anyway . . . it turned out that John had forgotten to put his mailing address on the delivery confirmation card.  Amy had called me to see if I could provide a return address for whomever had sent me the package.  How many of you would get such a personal call from your local post office?


  1. lol, Amy -- Our rural area's post office gives great service, too!

    You may have already figured this out, but if you're on Windows you might not need the camera's software for automatically downloading photos. See if this works:

    Connect the camera and computer via USB. Turn the camera on in review mode. Open your Windows Explorer and look for "Computer". It might take a minute for the two to talk to each other, but once it reads the USB connection as "Device with Removable Storage", just drag image files from there to the folder on your computer where you want them.

    That works better for me than the auto load software, which never could read my mind about how some images should be stored by date, others not so much.

    May not work with a Mac -- don't know.

    Good luck, and have fun with your new camera. Oh, and good karma to John!

    1. Donna, great idea. I'll try it. Right now, I realize the batteries don't work; I need to get new ones. I'm planning to spend most of today with the operating manual and pressing all those cool buttons.
      Hey, the sun is out today!

  2. Indeed, I have received personal calls from my rural postmistress over on the east side of the county. Once, she called to see that she had paid out of her pocket the extra postage needed on one of my to-go packages and I could pay her back at my next visit. Another time, she just called to ask if everything was A-OK because I hadn't been in in awhile. Don't ya love it! Refreshing to have really caring people in this busy world.