Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day! May Day!

OK, so yesterday was May Day. Did you celebrate by dancing around a Maypole? Or perhaps by honoring International Workers’ Day? Or maybe you just reveled in lovely Spring weather.

I do hope you were not calling for emergency help...

I spent the day still catching up with life after my most fabulous trip to Los Angeles. My experience in the LA area couldn’t have been nicer. The members of the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild were universally kind, generous, cheerful, and – well – fun! Not only did the workshops go well (entirely due to the workshop participants), but I enjoyed each evening’s dinner out. Thai, Italian, Mexican, Cuban. Delicious all! And the company was charming and the conversations were captivating. Thank you, GLASG!! I do hope I will get more chances to visit!

Back in my LA (Lake Ann), I have not yet completed the unpacking. Yesterday, I paid bills, did laundry, and walked my poochy-poo. I am thrilled that all evidence of snow is gone from my yard, but snow is not entirely gone from the neighborhood. I took this picture yesterday of one such lingering pile of snow:

I swear I will finish unpacking today, as I simultaneously repack for my Minnesota-bound trip. Wool, wool, and more wool. And samples. Gotta have samples.

I am especially looking forward to my Minnesota travels because I will be purchasing a number of fleeces along the way. Ex-Ci-Ting!

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