Friday, October 18, 2013

Am I Ready for Ravelry?

Ravelry is a free website for fiber folks, mostly knitters and crocheters. It’s been around for awhile. I signed up years ago, but was never active…..until now.

With the invaluable help of my friend, Elizabeth K, my knitting patterns are now available for purchase on Ravelry. I’m “atyler”, and my designs are under Amy Tyler, Stone Sock Fiber Designs.

My most recent pattern is for an afghan that I designed earlier this year. It incorporates stitch patterns that are combinations of ribs and welts. The pattern name is direct: Rib Welt Sampler Afghan. Here’s a picture (courtesy of Briar Rose Fibers):

The patterns have been up for just a couple days and I’m already making sales. I think that’s good. Am I ready for this?

I’m curious to see what happens while I’m away next week at SOAR

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