Monday, January 18, 2016

Change of February Plans

I was going to make this blog post about the workshops I’m teaching in February. Change of plans.

Last fall, the Michigan Fiber Festival started a year-round fiber arts education program  so that workshops could be offered at their new headquarters in Nashville, Michigan. I was very excited that they wanted me to teach both spinning and knitting workshops over several days in February.

I found out earlier today that those workshops have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Bummer. Now I need to rethink my February. I had rather counted on the income from teaching those workshops. I will have to tighten an already tight belt for this winter.

What can I do to make some February income sufficient for rent, groceries, gas, and bills? Well, if you know of a group that would like to take any of my workshops, I’d be happy to oblige. Even in winter weather, I’m willing to drive to a venue to teach. I’d also be happy to have a small group of folks over to my house in Lake Ann, Michigan for a workshop. You can find descriptions of my workshops on my website. Or, if you have a spinning or knitting topic that you’d like me to cover, let me know. Contact me at

Cold, snowy days in February might just be perfect for me to get some long ignored knitting pattern writing done. I’ve got a shawl pattern, an afghan pattern, and four (four!) sock patterns that I’ve worked out, but I just need to get good photos and write up those pesky patterns.

Then I’ll be able to add those patterns to the 15 patterns I already have for sale on Ravelry.

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