Tuesday, February 9, 2016

At a Glance Bags

I must share. Emily Johnston (my St. Joseph connection), her sister, and her niece are in business together. They make really really fabulous knitting project and tool bags. The bags feature some mesh, so you can see – at a glance – what is in the project bag. My favorite is the “zippered accessory” bag: it’s perfect for a pair of glasses, small scissors, a cable needle, some post-its, and some darning needles. And I love that it reminds me of a tent that you might camp in.

They use adorable fabrics too. Here’s my medium sized project bag. It’s just right for a scarf with yarn and needles.

They also make re-purposed shopping bags from hefty plastic feed bags. Too useful for words.

You can find these fabulous items on their etsy shop site:


  1. those are adorable! Love the mesh top!

    David's Mom aka Susan Stark

  2. I have some, and they're fabulous! You can never have too many bags!