Friday, April 29, 2016

I Was Away at PLY Away

So, I was one of the lucky ones who participated in the First Annual PLY Away spinning retreat. I taught workshops on Saturday and Sunday. What a delightful experience.

Of course I took advantage of the vendor hall, purchasing a lovely support spindle, some hemp (which I plan to spin/weave/knit into kitchen curtains), some silk to spin just for me, some merino for a future project inspired by Lake Michigan, and some supplies that I’ll be using in workshops this summer.

Other highlights: the goody bag awaiting me upon arrival (t-shirt, snacks, and more!); gifts from attendees (Thanks, Terri, for the beaded threader. And thanks, Maja, for the sea salt and toffee.); Chris Pappas’s talk at the banquet about the first spinners (she’s an archeologist); and the amazing lightning storm that I watched on the last leg of my flight home.

But the most wonderful thing about this particular adventure was that I connected with so many pleasant, cheerful, happy, generous, delightful people. The folks who took my workshops were amazing, wonderful, attentive, full of good questions. I couldn’t have asked for better company. So, thank you: Kandys, Andrea, Marte, Catherine, Marci, Teresa, Barbara, Brian, Rachael, Robbin, Susan, Leanna, Patsy, Tove, Becky, Grace, Janine, Karen, Lynn, Joan, Teresa, Pamela, Joan, Karen, Laura, Susan, Deborah (and thanks for the book recommend), Kathleen, Karen, Tara, Rachel, Kris, Suzanne, Laura, Jamie, Evelyn, Natasha, Maja, Irene, Barbara, Barbara, and Janette.

I also had some authentic conversations with other airline passengers, with hotel employees, with other instructors, with vendors, and with friends old and new.

This was truly an event made especially special by the people who were there. Fiber Folks Rock!

I failed to take any photos while I was there. So, here are some photos I took of the garden when I returned home. Notice that there are no pictures of snow.


  1. Good morning, Amy. I'm just curious - where did PLY Away take place? It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. What fun!

    Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm only 4 miles from you and yet my bulbs haven't flowered yet.

    Do you have any plans to teach your yarnovers? I've run into a pattern recently using a different type of yarnover - fascinating how the pattern turns out and most interesting how this particular YO is made. I'd like to know more.

    BTW - if Tracie Herkner hasn't already contacted you our new spinning group, Spinners Unite, will be meeting this Thursday at LA Brewery. Time: 5:00pm - ??? (whenever). Please consider joining us if you can.

    1. Hi Lindy! PLY Away was in Kansas City, MO. I'd love to join you on Thursday, but I'm headed out of town again. This time to Ft. Collins, CO. Then I'll get a breather. We can talk about YOs then.

    2. I'm really, really anxious to watch your new videos. I hear and read about spinning "worsted" and spinning "woolen" but I truly do not understand. Spinning has not come easily to me - I think it's that hand-eye coordination thing. Might also have something to do with not enough practice. :( I can't play tennis, baseball, etc. either.
      BTW- the happy pic. of you with your happy Margarita is absolutely perfect. Also, we ended up meeting at Wool&Honey. Tracie decided LA Brewery will happen when the weather is warmer and we can meet outside and spread our wheels and fleece all over the place :D