Monday, April 24, 2017

Used Loom For Sale

Let’s get real. I can’t do everything. I spin. I knit. I’ve done some weaving, mostly inkle weaving and rigid heddle weaving. I really want to do more inkle weaving. I really want to learn card weaving. I really want to do some tapestry weaving. I really want to do more rug hooking. I really want to get back to some sewing.

That’s a lot.

I do not have the same “really want to” attitude about weaving on my table loom. So, I’ve decided to sell it.

It’s a Schacht table loom, 4 harness, with a 25” weaving width. I came into possession of this loom 4 years ago and I have not used it at all. It’s probably vintage 1970’s-1980’s. I’m the second owner. It seems to be in very good condition.

In addition to the loom, I’m including two 11-inch boat shuttles, 13 bobbins, 2 extra heddles, assembly instructions that I’d downloaded from the Schacht website, and the book A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison.

The current retail price for this loom alone is $954. I’m asking $350 for the loom and extras. Pick up or meet only. I live in Interlochen, Michigan. You can contact me at

1 comment:

  1. I know the feeling, which is why I'm NOT going to make you an offer!!

    pippa - see you next month!!