Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pile O' Shetland

Last year, I knitted a wall hanging, “Petosegay – Sunbeams of Promise”. It’s based on the structure of the Petoskey stone, the state stone of Michigan (see my website for more details). Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with this stone that is found mostly in northwestern lower Michigan. That’s where I live.

My friend, Judy M. had given me eleven (!) raw shetland fleeces – FREE! My first impression of them was: What wonderful Petoskey stone colors! I spent a couple afternoons picking over the fleeces (removing VM and second cuts). Then I sent the fleeces to Stonehedge Fiber Mill. When I got the fleeces back, I spun one skein of each color. Then I devised a way to knit a Petoskey stone “medallion”. After several medallions, I constructed a wall hanging.

I submitted that wall hanging to “Fiber Celebration 2009”, a fiber arts show in Colorado, sponsored by the Northern Colorado Weavers Guild. The piece won The Knitters Guild Association (TKGA) award. Here’s a picture of the wall hanging.

My intention had always been to create a series of Petoskey stone projects. To increase my shetland stash, I spent much of my time at fiber festivals last summer seeking out more shetland rovings.

Then I spent about 6 months spinning yarns for more Petoskey projects. Last week, I finished the 20th skein (!). This afternoon, I reskeined all the yarns into 2-yard skeins so I can easily measure their length and weight.

Here’s the pile o’ yarn (photo'd on my front porch):

I will spend my summer travel time knitting more Petoskey medallions that will be made into a scarf, an afghan, a purse, and a pillow (and maybe more!)

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