Monday, July 5, 2010

Spinning & Weaving Association ~ SWA

I consider myself to be a fiber arts “professional”. Because I respect and value the fiber arts, I see it as my professional responsibility to belong to appropriate professional organizations. That is why I became an Associate Member of the Spinning and Weaving Association in 2005.

My membership has given me the opportunity to network with others in the larger fiber arts community. I worked for a time on the SWA education committee, getting to know (by phone conferences) folks such as Jane Patrick (Schacht Spindle), Irene Schmoller (Cotton Clouds), Liz Gipson (now at Schacht Spindle), Amy Clarke-Moore (Interweave Press), and many others.

Because of my involvement in the education committee, I was asked to become the “administrative coordinator” for SWA. In that capacity, I collect and format information that is then posted on the SWA website. Much of that information is intended to provide the general public with information about spinning and weaving. For example, I maintain and regularly update a list of festivals across the US (and some in Canada). This list includes fiber arts festivals, weaving conferences, and major knitting/crochet events. The events on this list are organized by state, making it easy to find fiber events near you.

The SWA website also contains a list of SWA members who teach spinning and weaving (also organized by state).

You can also find a list of SWA retail members (also organized by state); as well as a list of SWA wholesale members.

So, take a look at the SWA website. Perhaps you will find new and wonderful sources of supplies and fiber events. Perhaps you will be inspired to become a member of SWA. Perhaps you will be prompted to get back to your spinning wheel or your loom or your knitting needles…..

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