Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Travels

I’m hittin’ the road next week. I’m travelling to Pewaukee, Wisconsin to teach at the Wisconsin Spin-In. I’ve heard loads about this event, but this will be my first time in attendance. I am looking forward to it. Starting on Thursday, April 7, there will be workshops, vendors, and spinning! What could be better?

I’ll be teaching three workshops: Spinning Marl Yarns, Mechanics of Your Wheel, and Blending Colors at the Wheel. Look!

So, that’s the beginning of April.

At the end of April (Apr 30, May 1), I’m travelling to Duluth, Minnesota to teach two days of workshops at the Duluth Art Institute: Spinning With Commercial Yarns, Plying for Texture, and Spinning With Silk Hankies.

This will be my second visit to Duluth. Two years ago, I was there at the beginning of May. It snowed. And Duluth is a city on a hill….a very steep hill. Slip slidin’ away!

For both these trips, I’ll be travelling through the Upper Peninsula…for the second and third time this year. And I’ll be headed up that way again in May and again in June. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can you tell that I love the UP? I’m even getting used to driving over the Mighty Mac! (My mantra: “Don’t look at the water; look at the road….Don’t look at the water; look at the road….")

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  1. Hey Amy-looking forward to seeing you at the spin in on Friday-I have class with you for the color at the wheel. I'm getting excited-woohoo