Monday, April 11, 2011

Toby is Ten Today

It’s Toby’s birthday today! She’s a “mature” 10 years old now. And as cute as ever. Here she is in her youth:

And, here’s a more recent picture of her, upon her throne (aka, the sofa):

Now, to keep this in the realm of fiber arts let me show you what’s currently on my inkle loom. A few weeks ago, Marty Fox lead a program on “Inkle Weaving the Alphabet” for the Northland Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild. When I watched Marty show the pick up techniques involved, my first inclination was to avoid the alphabet and just stick with plain weave. But! I gave it a try. She had set up my loom in advance with my name (A M Y). During the program, I started weaving Toby’s name. I got as far as T O B.

I will finish the Y before the end of the week. I swear!

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