Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Locks in Spinning and Plying

I’ve been teaching some mini-workshops at my house this winter.  These are 1-2 hour sessions where I focus on one or maybe two main topics.  I also use these sessions to work out new ideas for workshops…..the folks who take these workshops are, after a fashion, my guinea pigs!

One of the experimental topics for me is “Spinning With Locks”.  A few weeks ago we covered Part 1:  spinning textured yarns by combining locks and roving together in various ways.  Here is one such yarn that is made from kid mohair locks spun together with a wool roving (from “Puff”, a sheep that is a Border Leicester X Corriedale X Romney….I think).  I call this yarn “Daguerreotype”:

And some more.  The one on the left is Lincoln Locks combined with Costwold carded roving.  The one on the right-top is Wensleydale locks with Wensleydale combed top.  The one on the bottom-right (my favorite!) is Teeswater locks with Corriedale-silk carded roving.

Tomorrow we cover Part 2:  incorporating locks while plying 2 smooth singles together.  I’ve been working on two such strategies.  Here’s a picture of one of the yarns.  I call it “confetti”.  It consists of singles spun from undyed Bluefaced Leicester combed top with dyed locks of Bluefaced Leicester plyed into the yarn intermittently.  I got both the combed top and the dyed locks last summer at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival from Riverwinds Farm, now my go-to source for BFL.  (It’s also my go-to source for Cormo!)

I am enjoying playing with locks.  Some delightful surprises have arisen!


  1. All so interesting! What fun! And pretty, too! By the way, my socks are coming along nicely. Looking forward to fingerless mitts.

  2. Pat! I'm finishing a sample pair of the fingerless mitts. They'll be on display at Interquilten. Keep up the good sock work!