Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog on Blogs

I’m not sure if blogs are now passé, but I still find them to be captivating.  I have certainly enjoyed the process of keeping my own blog up-to-date.  And I have enjoyed the occasional discovery of others’ blogs.

Sometimes I am told of good blogs by friends.  Such was the case when Melissa Kelenske turned me on to two food related blogs.  Melissa is the owner of Wool & Honey, the yarn shop in Cedar, Michigan.  One day we were chatting about birthday cakes, and she told about these two treasures:

Joy the Baker and Smitten Kitchen.  I warn you.  You will get hungry and your mouth will water when you visit these blogs.  The photos are terrific, and the cooking ideas will pester you until you try them.  And then you will make them regular items in your own cooking line up.  (Just writing about these blogs is causing me to think about a certain egg & cheese sandwich….)

I’ve started using Facebook in the past couple months, and I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs through FB postings.

Writability.  This blog is about the writing process.  Now, it’s not about fiber writing, but I have found many blog entries to be pertinent to my work.  Every time I visit this blog, I read the current entry from beginning to end.  The writing is insightful and interesting.

{fresh news}.  This blog is about color.  Really, it’s about color trends.  Now, I’ve said before that I am a color dunce.  So a resource like this one is quite useful.  The pictures and color analyses are eye-popping and mind-popping.  Go look for yourself!

Ulicam.  This blog is mostly about photography.  I don’t actually read this blog; but I get a lot out of the photographs and drawings.  They are filled with texture, rhythm, and motion.  Even the very still self portraits are active.  I really appreciate the compositional skill exhibited here.

Some blogs come and go.  I plan to continue writing mine, and I plan to continue visiting the blogs I’ve listed here.  I hope you like them too.


  1. I've been sad to see people turn away from blogs for the more "instant" media options. Even Ravelry (though I ADORE Ravelry) has contributed to loss of blogs, I think ;)

    I'm glad you continue to blog - I enjoy your posts very much!

    1. Thanks, Cary. I enjoy writing my posts! It's nice to know I've got a regular reader.