Saturday, November 16, 2013


It’s finally happened. I now own more looms than spinning wheels. On Wednesday, I picked up an old Nilus Leclerc inkle loom, the “Cendrel”. It’s a large, floor inkle loom. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw my friend, Marty F, weaving on hers years ago. I got mine from another friend, Gerrie M.

This is not my only inkle loom. I also own a Schacht inkle loom that I love and have used to make bookmarks, belts, purse straps, and dog leashes. It was the very first loom that I got.

The advantage of the Leclerc loom is that it is more physically comfortable to use. It also can be used to make bands up to 6 inches in width. And! It can be used as a warping board.

The other looms in my “family”?

I used to have an Ashford rigid heddle “Knitter’s Loom” with a 12” weaving width. I used it a lot to make scarves. But I wanted to make other, wider things like placemats and table runners. So, I sold my Knitter’s Loom. And I bought a used Schacht rigid heddle loom  with a  25” weaving width. This is an older version of their rigid heddle loom and is no longer made, but this one came with 3 reeds (8, 10, and 12 dent) and a trestle floor stand. I wrote about this acquisition earlier this year.

Many of my weaving friends absolutely hate weaving on a rigid heddle loom. They are certain I will lose my enthusiasm for this loom soon. I am equally certain they are wrong.

A few years ago, I was gifted a Schacht frame loom. This is a simple loom used for tapestry weaving, something I’ve long admired and only recently tried. I haven’t used this loom yet. This winter is the time. It’s got a respectable 15” weaving width. And I think it might even be possible to use it with the trestle stand that came with my rigid heddle loom. That would be very nice.

In late August this year, I drove down to Midland to have lunch with my oldest friend, Julie P, and another friend of hers. Julie’s friend, Janet Y, had a loom that she wanted to find a new home for. Well, it’s now in my home. It’s a Schacht table top, four-harness loom. Janet had used it for many years, but not recently. It’s got a 25” weaving width. Quite versatile. I’m planning to have a loom party sometime this winter to get my weaving friends to help me warp this loom.

One challenge with this loom is to find just the right table for it. The loom is 30” wide and 23” deep. I thought I’d found a good adjustable height table at Staples, but it turned out to be not quite deep enough. (However, this table will be just right for my drum carder). So, I’m in the market for a table. The height of the Schacht stand for this loom is 21”. As nice as it would be to get that stand, I’m hoping I can find something suitable for a bit lower price. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Are you counting? That's five looms.


  1. Hi, Amy. Today is a good day in Lake Ann to weave (spin, knit, :D). I'm working on learning how to use my one and only 10" Cricket. I can do regular weaving on it (though not very well) and I want to learn how to use pick-up sticks with it.

    BTW - Fibershed meeting tonight, 7pm, at Carol Waters. We all hope you will eventually join this group.

    1. Hi Lindy! I do hope to get to one of your meetings soon.