Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Surprised by the Yarn-Over

There’s nothing like a deadline to provide inspiration. This weekend, I’ll be teaching at the 4th Annual Fall Fiber Retreat  in Boyne Falls, Michigan, a relaxing weekend get-away.

On Saturday, I’m teaching Mechanics of Your Wheel and Plying Balanced Yarns. On Sunday, I’m teaching The Surprising Yarn-Over. This’ll be the first time I’ve taught the yarn-over workshop. I’d had the idea in my head for quite awhile, but having a “due date” required that I go from theoretical to concrete.

I enjoy the process of preparing workshop handouts because it prompts me to arrange my thoughts on a topic. What should be said first? How are subtopics related? Which explanations need a swatch or a stitch pattern? How might the notions that I present be translated into knitted designs and projects?

I started preparing the handouts on Saturday, and I finished them yesterday. Over those few days, my brain was occupied with the fascinating little yarn-over. I daydreamed about them. I nightdreamed about them. I wrote about them. I read about them. I rummaged through my knitted pieces for examples. And, of course, I knitted swatches.

As it happens, my current knitting project – a shawl – incorporates yarn-overs in more than one interesting way. It’ll be a perfect example to show workshop participants. I’m close enough to the end of that project that I might well finish knitting it during the retreat.

Preparing the notes sparked ideas for future designs that take advantage of yarn-overs. I have an idea for a camisole. Wall hangings. More shawls. Collar. Cuff.

I love it when this happens!


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  2. Took this class last weekend at the Fall Fiber Retreat - as always, well prepared, lots of great information, but we expect that. The big thing that happened for me was the energizing effect - I came away with so many ideas rioting in my head, can't wait to start translating them into knitting fabric - a shawl perhaps, who knows. But thank you Amy, we all appreciate your classes so much. Pippa

    November 11, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    1. Thanks, Pippa! It was a great group to share knitting ideas with.