Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Fiber Resolutions

2013 was a good fiber year for me. It’s not because I did more teaching and traveling (which I did, I’m happy to report). It’s not because I published something (which I did; see the Winter 2013 issue of PLY magazine). It’s not because I got more fiber arts equipment and supplies (which I did: a couple new looms, stuff to start rug hooking, loads of fiber to spin).

It’s because my brain went wild! Starting last January, I started to explore knit stitch patterns with a fresh set of eyes. And that took me places I never expected to go. I fell in love with knitting anew. I think of 2013 as My Year of the Knit Stitch and the Purl Stitch.

I want to be as excited about 2014 as I was about 2013. So, I’m formalizing some fiber resolutions. Right here, right now.

In 2014, I do hereby resolve to:

I. weave useful objects on each of my five looms. I’ve already got a table runner started on the rigid heddle loom.

II. finish all current knitting works in progress.

1) I’m nearly done with a shawl that I’m knitting out of merino/silk lace-weight yarn. It needs a bit of finishing, then blocking. I also resolve to write up and make available the pattern for this shawl which is tentatively titled, “Curvy Corner Shawl”.

2) I’ve got the back of a sweater knitted out of some lovely Briar Rose Fibers yarn. I can’t help myself; I’m fiddling with the pattern a bit.

3) In November I spun up a goodly amount of 3-ply yarn from some lovely roving that I’d purchased in October. I got the roving from Edie Bowles of Spinning Moon Farm.  She called it “sea turtle”; it’s a lovely blend of about 30% mohair and 70% BFL X Dorset wool. The shine of the mohair is obvious. Here’s a picture of the last bit of roving before I finished spinning:

And here’s a picture of the yarn. I wish my camera could do it justice. I simply couldn’t get the subtle colors of this yarn to come out right in a picture.

I ended up spinning 6 skeins, for a total of approximately 1380 yards, 29 oz; so averaging 47.6 yards per ounce, or about 761 yards per pound. I had hoped to have enough for a big, seriously cabled cardigan, but I don’t think I do. Instead, I’m planning to make a vest: a long, swing-y, cabled vest. I’ve already got ideas for the overall design and which cables to use.

4) I have a pair of socks in progress. I started these socks in late 2012. I stalled out on these socks in early 2013. I’ve got 1 and ½ socks done. I will finish them in 2014.

5) I really need some new slippers. I’ve been meaning to make some for quite awhile. I finally got around to winding up some yarn. Now I need to knit and felt some slippers.

(back to the resolutions…)

III. try my hand at rug hooking with my handspun yarns. I’ve got the hooking frame, I’ve got the hook. I’ve got the fabric. And I’ve got the yarns. I’m thinking of making a chair mat in an odd stripe pattern. Wish me luck.

IV. spin enough 4-ply yarn (not cabled) to make a substantial knitting project.

V. write more blog entries than in 2013.

VI. write more articles for publication.

VII. self-publish at least 2 knitting patterns.

OK. I’d better stop now, before I get too crazy. I want to stand proud at the year-end reckoning.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your resolutions. Now I don't feel so crazy. :-) I will not post mine in public though, so I can reserve the right to chicken out. lol I usually make too long a list. I read somewhere to write them all down, and cross off everything after #3. That sounds more like a list for me.
    You are dedicated, though. I am sure you will accomplish your list just fine. :-)
    Best wishes for 2014!

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I'm hoping the public nature of my resolutions will keep me honest!

  2. GREAT POST, Amy! So interesting and inspiring! I'm going to make a fiber list for 2014! Probably won't post it though! (Liked V.!)

    1. This was from Judy McL. (The only way I can post is to use anonymous and I forgot to add my name.)

    2. Thanks, Judy! I am really going to do my best to complete these projects. And write more!