Wednesday, January 15, 2014

North to Alaska!

Most folks make plans to head south at this time of year. Not me. A week from today I’ll be flying to Anchorage, Alaska to teach 2 ½ days of workshops for the Anchorage Weavers and Spinners Guild

Spinning With Silk Hankies

Creating the Yarn You Want

Blending Colors at the Wheel

I’m not even remotely concerned about the weather.’s 10-day forecast for Anchorage predicts higher temperatures (and likely rain) than for here in Lake Ann, Michigan

I am looking forward to experiencing fewer daylight hours. (On my “bucket list” is to spend the winter solstice north of the Arctic Circle.) According to the Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Anchorage gets about 7 hours of daylight at this time of year (compared to 9 ½ hours here in Lake Ann). 

Because it’s winter, many of the tourist-y things I’d like to do are unavailable (day cruise, railroad trip, day hikes). I do, however, hope to go to the Musk Ox Farm and I hope to visit a few museums.

I am especially looking forward to making new fiber friends in Alaska. The best part of my work travels!


  1. This will be an awesome experience for you... as well as for your workshop attendees. Your pics in this post are absolutely delicious! Have fun! I look forward to hearing all about it.

    1. Thanks, Pat! It'll be an adventure, for sure!