Sunday, March 20, 2011

Complete Tattoo

The hold up was the collar. I thought I had a good idea for the collar. But I didn’t like the first attempt. Or the second. Or the third. As I was tinking the fourth effort, I stopped with the collar halfway undone and tried the sweater on. And I was hit with a new inspiration for the collar.

Attempt number five was a success. After I finished the collar, I decided to add shoulder pads. I’d never put shoulder pads in a sweater before. I followed the instructions -- more or less – for a lightweight shoulder pad in The Ultimate Knitting Book (Vogue Knitting). I think they help the sweater.

The sweater does fit me, but I will try to sell it first. (If you’re interested, let’s talk!) If the sweater doesn’t sell by the end of the year, I’ll adopt it as my own.

I would like to write up the pattern, but I’ll need to re-knit it first. As with most of my creations, there are some things I’d change in a second iteration.

Here’s a picture of the front.

And a closer look at the right front.

And a look at the left sleeve.

And a look at the back.

I think the buttons work. And I really like how the duplicate stitch worked. What do you think?


  1. It is beautiful!! Just beautiful!

  2. I think it is fabulous!!! Such patience you have. Congratulations. It's a work of art.