Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Blogs

I’ve been writing blog entries since January 2010. And I’ve been reading other writers’ blogs since about that time too. There are some blogs that I check out nearly daily, and some I just check out now and then. Here are my favorites.

My all-time favorite blog (besides my own, of course) is “More Favorite Sheep”. Entries are written by the self-named “Crazy Sheep Lady”. She writes about life on her farm in Kentucky with sheep, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and bees. Some of her ongoing stories will make you laugh or cry or both at the same time. But it’s not her writing that brings me back; its her photography. She has a great eye and equally great technical know-how, so her pictures are magnificent. And she provides a great deal of commentary about her photographing strategies: lighting, composition, depth of field, focus, and so forth. She posts nearly daily, so I check her blog site nearly daily.

I often check on Lucy Neatby’s blog, “Happy Stitches”. I have long admired Ms. Neatby’s knit designs (I’m still working on the double-knit “Bubbles Scarf” ). And I enjoy reading about her travels, her designs, her adventures and misadventures. It makes me long to spend time in Nova Scotia and other places in Canada along the Atlantic. I do hope sometime to meet this lady!

You are likely quite familiar with “The Yarn Harlot”, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  . I enjoy her very entertaining style of writing. She has an admirable compulsion to always be doing something fibery. Yes!

Last fall I met Abby Franquemont. After that, I started reading her blog, “Abby’s Yarns” .  She has had -- and continues to have -- some interesting life experiences, which inform her approach to fiber. I like that.

A couple years ago I met Ann Budd. And then I started reading her blog, “annbuddknits”.  What I especially like about her blog is that she quite often writes about the trials-and-errors of knitting and knit designing. She allows her readers to learn from her successes and mistakes. Very informative. Very generous.

Now for a couple of lesser known blogs. Here’s one that was started in September 2011. “Knit.Write.Repeat.” The woman who writes this blog does not have her name posted on the blog. Her blog entries are especially well written with good insight into knitting, yet clearly from a personal point of view. I’m not as interested in her blog entries about music, but the knitting entries are a pleasure to read.

Kathy Lambert writes about life on her small fiber farm in Southern California on her blog, “Rancho Borrego Negro” . This is another well-written blog: I like her writing, and I like reading about a place that is very different climate-wise from where I live. I have lived in the southwest, however, and I can practically feel the dry air when I read her blogs. Since I don’t raise fiber animals, I do like reading about her animal adventures.

So, there you have it. The blogs I check out the most.

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