Monday, January 2, 2012

SOARing into 2012

I just sent off my signed “mentor agreement” for Spin-Off Autumn Retreat 2012. That’s right! I was invited to teach at SOAR. This year it’ll be held at the Granlibakken Resort in Tahoe City, California, October 21-27.

 I’m scheduled to teach a 3-day workshop called “Spin-Knit Nexus”. This is the workshop that I taught last summer at the Midwest Weavers Conference. You can find blog entries about the content of the workshop and my experiences in Hancock Michigan starting in June 2011. Click here.

I’m also scheduled to teach four sessions of a half-day workshop called “Mechanics of Your Wheel”. I’ve taught this workshop at several venues and I always enjoy the experience; it’s a chance for me to call on my physics, biomechanics, and engineering backgrounds.

Of course, I’ll need to finally get a travel wheel. Up to now I’ve been mostly driving to teach and I can tuck one or two of my wheels in the car. For SOAR, I’ll be flying (no pun intended!).

So, which will it be? An Ashford Joy? A Lendrum Folding Wheel? A Kromski Sonata? A Schacht Sidekick?

Any advice?

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