Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Mini Workshops

I am continuing to offer low-fee mini workshops during April at my house in Lake Ann, Michigan.  If you are interested, please contact me:  atyler@centurytel.net

Thursday, April 5, 1-3pm
The Basics of Core Spinning:  Core spinning typically involves applying a layer of fiber to an already spun yarn.  The core yarn is often completely covered, but it is also fun to allow the core to peek through.  We will cover techniques for making fully- and partially-wrapped core spun yarns, both singles and 2-ply.
$15 fee
Bring your spinning wheel.

Thursday, April 12, 1-3pm
Introduction to Flick Carding:  A flick carder looks rather like a small hand card.  They come in “ones”, not in pairs.  These small, simple tools can be used to prepare a variety of fleeces for spinning a variety of yarns.  We will practice a few different techniques for using this tool, and we will use similar devices for getting the same effect.
$15 fee
Bring your spinning wheel; a flick carder or a dog rake or a pet slicker brush.

Wednesday, April 18, 1-3pm
Spinning for Socks. Preferences and Possibilities:  There is no One Way to spin yarn for socks.  How you spin largely depends on your sock preferences and your knitting preferences.  I will share with you my strategies for spinning successful sock yarns (including what fibers to use or avoid), and we will discuss alternative strategies that will also work and that you may prefer!
$15 fee
Bring your spinning wheel, and a bit of sock yarn that you really like.  Also, if you have any handspun, handknit socks, bring those too!

Thursday, April 26, 1-3pm
Washing Wool Fleeces:  Washing, or “scouring”, wool is the process for getting rid of lanolin, dirt, and so-forth before the wool is spun.  In this session, we will cover the most common basic “rules” for washing raw wool.  We will also cover variations and indiocyncrasies of this process.
$20 fee
Bring 4 ounces of raw wool if you’ve got it; a 5-gallon bucket if you got one.


  1. I wish Washing Wool Fleeces was on the 18th...but since it is not, sign me up for Spinning For Socks.
    Judy McLaughlin

    1. Judy! I didn't know you were going to be here! Can't wait!