Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sheep Protected Kitchen Towel

February seemed to be the month of towel exchanges.  Both the Northland Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild (in Traverse City) and the Lake Charlevoix Area Weavers (in Charlevoix, of course) had kitchen towel exchanges.  Those weavers who participated each wove a series of kitchen towels and then traded them with other weavers.

A few folks from the two guilds participated in both towel exchanges.  I got to see the Northland Guild’s towels at their February meeting.  All were lovely.  And I got to see the towels that Carol S. got in the Charlevoix exchange at a spinning group meeting at her house last week.  Spectacular weaving examples all!

Since I can scarcely weave, I did not participate.  But I managed to luck out and get one sweet, sweet towel anyway.  Marty F. had participated in the Northland exchange, and she wove an extra towel for me as a very thoughtful birthday present.

Thank you, Marty!

The towel has several rows of sheep on it.  They look like they are standing guard.  That pattern was designed by Julie Hurd, one of the members of the Charlevoix group.  I took pictures of it on a sunny day a few weeks ago when the forsythia were at their peak.

I can’t imagine actually using such a lovely towel in the kitchen.  So, I am going to put it on top of my dresser.  Nice decoration!

By the way, the forsythia are still looking good.  Such a lovely yellow for spring.


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