Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Lo-gis-tics … the managing of the details of an undertaking. (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

I’m working on getting supplies, samples, and equipment together for two fiber festivals:  Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, and North CountryFiber Fair.  Because I’ll have very little time between the two events, and because I’m traveling by air to the second event, I need to be pretty much ready for both events before I leave for the first.

I’ve been reviewing and editing my handouts, and making sure that I have the right fibers for each of 7 different workshops.  My preparatory work is nearly done.  Here is what I’ve got packed for Wisconsin:

Yes, I’m taking 2 wheels.  But I’ll be in my car, so no problem.

The trip to South Dakota requires a bit more finagling.  And I’m not done.  I’m trying my best to ship everything in a cost effective and secure way.  Here are some pictures of the collecting and packing in progress:

This’ll be the first time I’ll be shipping my relatively new Lendrum folding wheel for a teaching gig.  I’ve got its original shipping box, which seems sturdy enough.

I still have to get all the handouts ready.  I’ve got them copied.  Up to now, I’ve put handouts in thin, poly notebooks.  They’ve worked reasonably well.  I do like letting workshop participants keep notes and samples together in one place.  But these notebooks are not rigid, so they slip and slide on a bookshelf.  In addition, the price of these notebooks, and the pockets I put in them, has gone up considerably.   I’ve been trying to figure out a better solution, but one that still allows for notes and samples to be kept together, and one that maintains reasonable materials costs.

This time, for the first time, I’m going to use expanding folders that can be closed with an elastic cord.   They’re made from paper (partly recycled paper, and recyclable), and I think the price is reasonable.  Let’s see what kind of feedback I get at the next two festivals.

For now, it’s back to “the managing of the details of an undertaking”.

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