Monday, June 6, 2016

Interlochen Action

I have a nice line-up of teaching events scheduled for this summer: a couple in Michigan, one in Wisconsin, and one in Ohio. Today I’d like to share some information about my July gig at Interlochen. Folks who live in this corner of Michigan are incredibly lucky to have the Interlochen Center for the Arts  in this neck of the woods.

Interlochen was established in 1928. Since then it has hosted a summer arts camp for students in grades 3 through 12 in music, dance, the visual arts, creative writing, the theater arts, and the motion picture arts. During the school year, there is an arts boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12.

The campus is lovely. How could it not be? It’s situated on the shores of Green Lake, and nestled in the woods of northwestern lower Michigan.

All year round, the campus offers concerts at several performing venues, both indoor and out. There are two Interlochen public radio stations (my car radio is almost always tuned to IPR new & information channel). And, there is an adults arts program.

A couple years ago, the adults arts program began to offer fiber arts classes as part of the visual arts offerings. I’ve taught beginning spindle spinning, beginning spinning on the wheel, and diversity of wool.

This summer I’m teaching a 1-day workshop, Fiber Preparation for Spinning, on Friday, July 15, 2016.

Here is the description on the Interlochen website: “Well known for her animated and engaging teaching style, Amy Tyler brings fiber preparation to life in this one day workshop. Amy will cover techniques such as using hand cards, hand combs, and a flick carder to prepare clean fibers for spinning. Students will work with washed wool locks, as well as learn strategies for combining wool with other fibers, or how to blend prepared fibers. Students will be presented with techniques for preparing fibers without equipment as well as preparing and blending fibers on a drum carder. This workshop is suitable for anyone from beginning to intermediate level in spinning.”

This ought to be fun. I’ve got loads of different fibers to play with, and I’ll bring hand cards, hand combs, flick cards, and a couple of drum carders. There are so many ways to get fiber ready for spinning! And July is a delightful time to visit.

Interlochen is also going to have a Fiber Arts Weekend, October 14-16, 2016, conveniently scheduled very close to peak autumn color season. Details of that event will be posted soon. So, mark your calendars.


  1. I'm planning on this, Amy. I will sign up shortly after July1. :D

    1. Excellent! I'm hoping the class has sufficient enrollment to go.