Thursday, June 30, 2016

Used Leclerc "Cendrel" Inkle Loom for Sale

I am moving sometime in the near future and I need to lighten my load. One thing that I am parting with is a floor standing inkle loom, the “Cendrel” by Leclerc. This loom can also be used as a warping board. It can weave bands up to 6” wide and 16’ long, and it can be used to wind a warp up to 10 yards long.

Dimensions: 33” at highest point, 28” from front to back, 15” deep (as measured at the base). The manual says it weighs 9 pounds.

I’m including 25 string heddles with the loom (made from a very strong, smooth linen yarn), and a copy of the Leclerc owner’s manual (23 pages).

I bought this loom a couple years ago from a friend of mine. She had it for a long time. I’ve used it once. It works very well, but I don’t do a lot of inkle weaving, and I have another inkle loom that I am keeping.

This loom is an older version of the one that Leclerc has an owner’s manual for, but it’s essentially the same. My loom has only 17 pegs, and the peg for the heddles does not have a slot. The retail price on a new Cendrel is $267. Although this loom is older, it is in good condition. I am asking $100. If I ship the loom, buyer would also pay packaging, USPS Priority shipping, and insurance. I can take the loom apart for shipping. I’d be willing to drive a bit to meet or deliver. I live in Lake Ann, Michigan. Zip 49650. You can contact me by email:

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