Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I-Cord Wrist Wraps ~ Free Knitting Pattern

I know it’s hot out now, but it’ll be January before you know it. During the winter months, I set the thermostat at a cool 60degF during the day (saves energy and money). For comfort during those months, I wear long underwear. And I use “wrist wraps” to keep my hands warm when working at the computer or when reading in bed at night.

Last year, in preparation for a workshop that I was teaching on I-cords, I created a pattern for wrist wraps that incorporate I-cords on all edges and 2 different I-cord buttonholes.

I’d like to share that pattern with you. You can go to my website,, and download a pdf file of the pattern from the website homepage.

Two wonderful things about this pattern: First, it doesn’t take much yarn, so it’s a nice opportunity to use a nicer (er, more expensive) yarn. Second, this pattern is a terrific opportunity to scrounge through your button stash and find just the right buttons. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got one or two special buttons that have been calling out for the right project. Use them on these wrist wraps!

I’ve knitted four pairs of these things. They’re a great little gift…..even if you’re giving them to yourself! Here’s a picture of the first pair of wrist wraps that I knitted (my friend, Sylvia VM is the model).

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