Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

Next week I’ll be travelling to Jefferson, Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival
. This’ll be my third year teaching at this delightful event. I can hardly wait!

For one thing, I get to travel by ferry (“The SS Badger
) across Lake Michigan. What a treat to be on that inland sea for 4 peaceful hours. A perfect opportunity to knit!

Then, I get to teach workshops for all three days of the festival. My workshop, “Plying Balanced Yarns” filled rather quickly. The other three workshops still have spaces available. I’m especially looking forward to my workshop, “Spinning with Commercial Yarns” in which we play with re-spinning commerical yarns and various crazy ways of combining handspun singles and commercial yarns. Here’s a picture of some of the stuff we’ll do:

I like that this festival has a very strong emphasis on agriculture. The “lambing barn” and the “hall of breeds” are both wonders for visitors. In addition to the large selection of fiber arts vendors, there are many agricultural vendors. You really get the connection between those who raise the animals and those who use their fiber.

On the cover of the festival’s magazine this year is a print by Joan Arnold . I love her work. A few years ago, I bought a print of her piece, “The Gathering”. I’d love someday to get an original. I will certainly spend some time at her booth admiring her art….and maybe purchasing some!

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