Friday, May 18, 2012

What Wheel Variety!

Last weekend I attended and taught at Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  That’s just east of The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.  (An aside:  I learned that folks in Minnesota refer to them as just “The Cities”.)  

I had a blast.  I got lots of fiber, ate some good food (I really liked the Walleye chunks), and thoroughly enjoyed teaching.  My workshop was “Creating the Yarn You Want”.  There were 12 folks in attendance.

Here’s the big surprise:  each person in the workshop had a different wheel.  Including me.  No kidding.  Here’s a blurry picture (I turned off the flash and had a hard time holding the camera still):

And here’s the list of wheels:

Lendrum folding wheel
Majacraft Tiny Tim
Ashford Joy
Schacht Matchless
Hansen Minispinner
Babe upright wheel
Kromski Minstrel
Spinolution Mach III
Ashford Traveller
Schacht Ladybug
Kromski Polonaise
Kromski Sonata

This has never happened to me before.  I want to go back to Shepherd’s Harvest next year to see what new surprise is in store for me.


  1. Enjoyed your class very much. Hope to see you again next year.

    1. Thanks Karen! What a terrific group of folks in that class!