Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lambs and Lamb Stew

I got back yesterday from a week-long road trip.  First, I drove through the Upper Peninsula and met my friend, Judy McL, at a lovely farm in Iron River, Wisconsin.  Judy knows a fellow, David Grote, who raises Icelandic sheep (and Icelandic chickens and now an Icelandic sheepdog puppy named “Finn”).  His farm, WhippoorwillFarm, is home to about twenty sheep.  

Do visit his website, www.davidgrote.com .  He has a terrific slideshow  of pictures of his farm.  And he also has some photographs of items that have been made with wool from his sheep, “What CanYou Make With Our Wool?” 

And I found more of his captivating photos on the farm’s Facebook page

Here are two pictures that my friend, Judy, took of the sheep:

And her picture of David holding the adorable “Finn”.  (I caught a serious case of puppy fever.)

That stop was about midday on Wednesday last week.  Then I followed Judy to Duluth, Minnesota (actually, Hermantown) where she lives during the winter.  That same evening, Judy served a lamb stew that she had made from David Grote’s recipe.  It was The Most Delicious Lamb Stew I Could Imagine!  (I think the Madeira was a critical ingredient.)  I wanted to lick the bowl clean.  The side of a baguette with brie was a nice touch.  We also had some of the stew the next day for lunch:

What a perfect beginning to my road trip!  Stay tuned for more Minnesota stories.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip!

    We had lamb on the grill last night, from our own lambs...it was actually requested by my 9-year old grandson!

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  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.