Monday, August 6, 2012

In Praise of Sturdy Yarns

My trunk show last weekend at Wool & Honey  was quite successful, despite the oppressive heat and humidity (which, I am grateful to report, has broken), and further despite the abundance of other wonderful events occurring in the area (including the Traverse City Film Festival).

I sold many yarns and many patterns (‘Cabled Wrists” was the star of the show).  Thanks to all who attended and thanks to all who thought enough of my work to purchase some!

It is always interesting to see what sells.  I had expected the textured yarns to be the hottest sellers:  the lock yarns, the knot yarns, the boucles.  But no!  It was the “luxury” yarns that sold best:  the cashmere, the silk, the alpaca, the mohair.  The soft yarns.  The “neck worthy” yarns.

What did not sell at all were the sturdy yarns:  the yarns spun from Romney, or Coopworth, or Corriedale.  I had two sets of 3-ply yarns that I am especially fond of that have long languished in my inventory.  I personally think these yarns have character and great potential for outer wear.

So, last night, I removed these yarns from the for-sale inventory so that I can knit them myself!  I will be making a “leaf raking”, autumn-worthy vest from “Clay Pots” (a 3-ply of mostly Coopworth and Romney with a bit of mohair), and a pair of dog-walking mittens from “Peppercorn” (a 3-ply of mixed-breed, medium grade wool).

Not all yarns should be soft.  I can fully appreciate the tactile satisfaction of soft yarns.  I mean!  Who doesn’t like cashmere?!  But I can equally appreciate that some knitted items really deserve to be made from sturdy yarns.

Perhaps once my customers see what can be made from strong yarns, they will find them more appealing.  I certainly won’t stop spinning them or knitting with them.

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