Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Which Sheep Are You?

I had a most wonderful time at the MichiganFiber Festival  last week.  I was kept pretty busy for four days teaching workshops.  I so enjoy sharing my spinning and knitting enthusiasm with the workshop participants.  Here’s a big Thank You to all of you who joined me.

I stayed one extra day, Sunday, to shop and to just soak in all the fibery vibes.  I got a good chance to wander through the barns where the animals reside.  I was struck this year by the wide range of sheep breeds that were attending.  I gave my camera a workout.

Not all the sheep pens had signs identifying the sheep breed.  Fortunately, my friend Letty Klein was there and she very quickly identified the sheep for me.  Letty, by the way, was this year’s fleece judge.  She chose a dark brown merino fleece as the best in show.  And she showed me the fleece.  Very very lovely!  Right next to the table with that fleece was the pen with sheep from the same shepherd.

Without further ado, here is the sheep breed line-up.

Those lovely Merinos:

Letty’s Karakuls:

I was most surprised to see Scottish Blackface sheep:

A picture of Icelandic sheep (I’m pretty sure these are Icelandic…):

A picture of a Shetland sheep (I’m pretty sure this is a Shetland…)

Lovely Lincoln.  Look at those locks!

The very distinguished looking Bluefaced Leicester:

Some very very big Columbia crosses:

After I took these pictures, I put away my camera and met Letty for lunch.  She then pointed out a couple of breeds that I missed.  So, I have no pictures of Clun Forest sheep or Targhee sheep (although I did buy some Targhee top from the shepherd).

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