Thursday, August 9, 2012

Used Spinning Equipment For Sale

When my friend, Fran Finocchio, told me she wanted to sell her spinning equipment I thought she was telling me she was going to quit spinning.  This disturbed me greatly because she had just taken a series of mini-workshops from me a couple months ago.  The thought going through my head was that I was somehow to blame for her giving up spinning!

I am happy to report that Fran merely wants to lighten her load, not give up spinning entirely.

So I offered to post her equipment here.  She’s got a wheel and a drum carder for sale.

The wheel is a Louet S51, single treadle, in fair condition.  It comes with 3 bobbins.  Fran learned to spin on this wheel, and she has used it recently (so it works).  She's asking $250 for the wheel.  Here’s a picture:

And she’s got a drum carder that she wants to sell.  She bought it used.  It has medium hardware cloth on it, but Fran has used it for fine wool and llama blanket and it has done well with both.  There is a crack in the drum that was there when Fran purchased it, but it doesn't affect the performance.  She's asking $300 for the drum carder.  Here’s a picture:

She lives near Lake Ann, Michigan.  You can contact her directly.  Her phone # is 231-275-2751.  And her email is:

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  1. Do you still post used spinning equipment for sale? I'm interested in a Louet S-75.